The 10th Anniversary Celebratory Edition

The 10th Anniversary Celebratory Edition – Your true annual global platform for the Energy & Carbon Markets
We are delighted to welcome you back to Barcelona For this special edition celebrating the 10th anniversary of CARBON EXPO.

Still today the world’s leading global Trade Fair & Conference providing an interface between Climate Finance and Carbon Markets, Industry and Technology, jointly organized by the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), the World Bank and Fira Barcelona.

The Global Crossroad for climate policy development

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Carbon and energy markets are changing rapidly and are entering an important new phase of development, as emissions trading programs are emerging in new places around the world.

Despite financial turbulence, scarce public resources and uncertainty in the carbon market, governments are persevering -slowly, but step by step- in evolving the climate regime to where we all know that it has to go. As we stand on the threshold of a new phase in global climate policy, CARBON EXPO will continue bringing to you the latest news, in depth analysis on current issues and trends, and experts from around the world together under one roof.

Why makes CARBON EXPO so special?

  • A professional business and matchmaking
  • A fertile ground for the growth of new ideas and
    joint initiatives.
  • A global and multi-sectorial Trade Fair.
  • A pioneering international and interactive
  • Forge and consolidate your network how you
    want and need.
  • Develop successful partnerships in the energy
    and carbon world.
  • Save yourself a lot of emails and travelling by
    being there.
  • A true value for your money when budgets are

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